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Dr. Christina Yackley

Dr_Yackley.jpg Growing up, I knew the healthcare field was where I would find my future profession. Chiropractic first piqued my interest as a high school athlete. I was actually a patient here at Brookings Chiropractic Center! I sought care for a neck injury I obtained while playing volleyball. After just a few visits, I was back on my way. I then revisited chiropractic care during my college volleyball career. I was dealing with a lot of lower back issues. Through chiropractic, athletic training, and physical rehabilitation, I was able to heal and continue at my full potential. Upon graduating college early, I got an assistant job for Dr. Munsterman here at BCC. This gave me the opportunity to see the other side of chiropractic. That was how my choice was solidified! I was able to get a well-rounded opinion through being a patient and staff member. I got to see both sides of this lifestyle! I then knew chiropractic was my calling and that was how God wanted me to best serve my community.

I am a Brookings native. I take it with great pride to return to the community and give back. I grew up with sports being a huge focus second to my education. After graduating high school, I went to Mount Marty College in Yankton, SD. I played 4 seasons of volleyball in the GPAC. I graduated in three and a half years with honors, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise Wellness. I then took my education to Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN for graduate school. After another three and a half years, I graduated with honors with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and Acupuncture Certification.

Chiropractic, to me, is the promotion of health. Chiropractic adjustments help restore the body’s normal biomechanics, which reduces stress on the nervous system. The nervous system controls all that our body is capable of! Chiropractors recognize that physical, chemical, and emotional stresses contribute to disease. The goal is to eliminate as much stress as possible so your body can do what it was designed to do, heal itself. It’s my goal to look at the underlying issues, not just treat the surface symptoms. I love treating all patients. Some of my education and clinical experience was specialized towards pediatrics, women’s health, and sports-related injuries. Thorough histories, physical examinations, and diagnostic tools are relied on for a proper diagnosis and individualized treatment plan. I value the feedback my patients give me. It’s rewarding and beneficial to hear from you!

I married my college sweetheart, Spencer. He was a basketball player from Onida, SD. Spencer is an elementary school teacher and athletic coach. He enjoys molding the young minds of our future! In our free time, we love to be outside playing tennis, golfing, or biking. We spend most of our time with family and friends, and spoiling our dog, Zoey. Growing our faith is also important to us. We always enjoy a new movie and good food as well.

Being a returning team member to Brookings Chiropractic Center makes this opportunity so much more meaningful! I am so proud and grateful to be back. I look forward to serving you and your family. Thank you for your trust!

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