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Dr. Jonathan Schneider

dr-jon-schneider-chiro1.jpgMy mother was a nurse and didn’t believe in chiropractic but after having some low back pain in which her MDs couldn’t help she agreed to sneak me to the chiropractor and after a series of treatments we were both believers.

After having utilized both Medical and Chiropractic care for my sports injuries it became obvious to me that the chiropractor was more interested in helping me achieve my sporting goals. His comments included, “when do I have to have you better by” and “we will do whatever we need to get you back in the game.” While my MD said I should give up sports if I keep getting hurt. To me it was a difference in philosophy. One that wanted to help and one that wanted to take away. I always wanted to work with athletes and medicine and chiropractic was the clear choice.

I attended undergrad at South Dakota State University where I played on conference winning baseball teams. Upon graduation I attended Northwestern Health Sciences University, a chiropractic college, in Minneapolis, MN. I choose this school because of its philosophy of total health care. I was ready for the experience but was still surprised at how intense the material was and that it basically was just like you would find going to medical school. I was also surprised to find that the school was just like any other undergraduate school with intramurals and a baseball program. It really helped to continue to have some of that extracurricular activity to keep my mind fresh. A inspirational teacher that I had was Ms. Swinehart who taught Anatomy lab. That was such an intense class and she really helped to keep things relaxed and enjoyable, especially when you are in a cadaver lab for 3 hours at a time.

My practicing philosophy has to do with the helping patients achieve their goals. I don’t try to focus so much on a patient’s pain but why they are in my office. A lot of times it has to do with an inability for that patient to do something. Whether it be golf, softball, intimacy, or work, usually they have a need to get back to doing something that they currently can not do due to their pain levels. Our goal initially is to get rid of their pain and then work on their function. There is a difference in that patient who just wants pain control and that ‘athletic’ patient who needs to be able to run, jump, and do things functionally. This doesn’t just represent athletic patients but those who have specific jobs who need to be able to get back and perform at a high level. Another type of care I provide is supportive care. This refers to that patient who may not have unbearable pain but wants to stay functioning and not have any specific problems. I see these patients about once a month or so to help them maintain their current level of capacity.

I have a wife, Ann, of 10 years. Two children: Sydney, 4 and Owen 2 and One on the way. Sydney will start kindergarten next year and is involved with gymnastics and swimming. Ann works for an accounting firm in Minneapolis in which she audits credit unions. We met at SDSU when she was on the softball team and I was on the baseball team. We used to lift and workout at the same time! I enjoy spending time with my family, playing softball, and playing hide ‘n seek with my kids.

I receive regular chiropractic treatments about 1 every 1-2 weeks and daily if I am sick. I can tell it gives me instant relief and energy which I need for my busy lifestyle. I try to lift 2-3 times a week and do some type of cardio workout at least 5 times a week. I play basketball, run, bike, and play a lot of softball in the summer. My family receives regular chiropractic treatments as well about once every 1-2 weeks and daily if they are sick. I notice that they recover from any illness quicker and they sleep better at night after a treatment. We all take multi vitamins as well as fish oil supplements. My approach to some medical things such as vaccinations or anti-biotics. Anti-biotics are used only for bacterial infections only! The only way to truly tell is through a specific blood test. I would never recommend blindly using anti-biotics for any ailment unless you truly know that you have bacterial infection. Anti-biotics are overly prescribed and overly asked for by parents when their kids are sick. An anti-biotic is not going to help anybody relief of symptoms. I am not a huge fan of vaccinations for children but realize the end of diseases since the implementation. The medical community has made vaccinations safer by removing mercury which was blamed for a multitude of reactions. I myself feel that the schedule that the AMA recommends is not in the best interest in our children. I feel that you need to let the child’s immune system develop a little before you start introducing foreign material into them. That is why I wait about 9-12 months before we start inoculations with my children.

Thank you for your interest in chiropractic care. I am here to assist you in reaching your goals and get you on with your life! Have you got pain and not sure what to do or where to go? Just ask my patients!

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