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Massage Therapist

image001.jpgCindy Koppatschek, LMT

Massage is essential to wellness in our crazy, busy, techy world. It connects head to heart, mind to body, nerve to muscle and muscle to movement. I believe in faith, the healing power of touch, solitude, and our bodies innate ability to heal itself. My path started with a physical education degree, careers in recreation, outdoor pursuits and then facilitator of team and leadership development programs. Through my experience in human behavior and movement, I learned that I absolutely love to serve and help people move forward in their lives. These experiences along with memories of my early, yet effective “massages” (to relieve my mother’s pain) finally connected me to pursuing massage therapy.

Once the noise and demands of a young family settled, I began my formal education at Indiana Therapeutic Massage School . I appreciated their passion for massage, and the structure of their program. This education launched me into starting my own business, which I accomplished before moving to South Dakota.

I have been practicing massage at Brookings Chiropractic since November of 2014. My technique is a mix of fluid and graceful movements along with trigger point and deeper therapeutic work that targets specific muscles. You will leave more relaxed, but also more energized, knowing your time was well spent. I will continue to invest in you and cater the massage session to meet your session goals.

Away from the massage table, I enjoy time with my family, bicycling, cooking, quilting, family genealogy and gardening. My husband Fritz owns and manages ABG Ag Services, an agricultural consulting and research company. Our three children, Clayton, Sage and Brooke all love sports and the outdoors. We love the Brookings area and surrounding communities and feel so fortunate to live and work in and among you all.

How are you feeling? What is your next step to feeling better? I look forward to meeting you to discuss your health challenges. Give us a call and include massage therapy as part of your wellness plan.

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