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alex hauffeAlex Hauffe - Massage Therapist

I attended school in Minneapolis, MN at Centerpoint Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School and Clinic. I chose that particular school due to the stunning reviews of their educators and curriculum. They were known for teaching both Eastern and Western medicine and integrating the two in their classrooms, as well as their intense focus on integrating healthy lifestyle and complete understanding of human anatomy and Kinesiology into the focus of each individual massage. 

I have always worked in one facet of health care or another, from children to the elderly, mental health, direct support, certified nurse aide positions, and in many different settings. I have always enjoyed the roles where I get to have direct patient contact. I enjoy helping people feel better and work towards the healthiest version of themselves. I found massage therapy on a whim, I had always suffered from horrible headaches and had tried everything when a friend suggested a massage therapist that specialized in Trigger point Techniques. I returned to her for several sessions, but relief came after the first few treatments and with that I added Chiropractic adjustments. It was as though a fog had lifted, I had never really known how much energy it was taking for me to fight with these headaches, it was an enormous relief.

Since I had always enjoyed being a person that helped others heal, after this experience I decided that I would like to become more knowledgeable about massage techniques and the benefits--this led me down the path that I am currently on, that was nine years ago.

I enjoy helping people with chronic pain as well as acute pain. I would assess the ailments in the first intake massage session and communicate with the client to set up a treatment plan. The treatment plan would consist only of what they are comfortable with and I would continue to work with them using different techniques until we reach our goal or until referral to another modality or practitioner is indicated, if necessary. Relaxation and stress-relief are also important, and I am trained and enjoy working with reducing stress and inducing relaxation. At times the effects of massage can be noticed immediately after the first session, however it is best to receive them in a regular regiment to reach desired results. Ultimately, my goal is to help the client reach their goals by whichever means necessary.

Aside from my work, I love writing, reading, biking, running, music, laughing, being outside, and being with close friends and family. My husband and I met when he was in school for nursing and we were both working at a nursing home together--we share that passion for helping others. In our free time, we have two very intelligent, very beautiful, very very busy young children that keep us on the move. We spend every second that we can outside, climbing, camping, biking, running, swimming, playing in the dirt, making sidewalk art, and searching for bugs--or inside making messes, baking, doing puzzles, making art, and dancing. We also spend plenty of time with family and friends in the Brookings area. I am also in school at SDSU to finish up my bachelor’s degree--so our schedule is plenty full.

Thank you for considering me in your journey towards a healthier, more pain-free future. I'll do everything I can to assist you in succeeding. 

.Rose - Massage Therapist

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