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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Chad Munsterman

Dr. Chad MunstermanThey cared enough to get involved…I became interested in chiropractic as a young athlete. I had been injured several times through sports first seeking care from our family medical doctor. The care I received seemed to be based primarily on covering up my pain but not really fixing the problem. These conditions gradually became worse and more frequent. I started taking more and more ibuprofen and/or Excedrin depending on what I could find at home to cover up the pain. These over-the-counter medications game me a stomach ulcer. My brother (who at the time was a student at Chiropractic College) and my mom (a long time Chiropractic patient), encouraged me to visit a local chiropractor. After several chiropractic manipulation treatments and encouragement in rehabilitation exercises and eating behaviors I felt better, was stronger, and had more energy than ever before. I was able to go on to several successful athletic and academic achievements. I was lucky to have people who cared enough about me to get involved in my life.

These experiences had a significant impact on my life. Late in high school I found myself trying to decide between chiropractic or practicing law. I had a teacher/coach that arranged a shadow program for me and through that process I decided on chiropractic.

I attended Moorhead State University for my undergraduate study and Northwestern Health Sciences University for my graduate degree.

I enjoy improving patients’ quality of life through education and chiropractic care. Chiropractic is able to influence one’s entire health through influencing the nervous system which controls every bodily function. Chiropractors also educate and encourage patients through nutritional wellness and exercise. The main conditions that chiropractors treat are low back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, various muscle pains, but remember that chiropractors are primary care physicians and can diagnose and refer out when needed.

There are several technologies used in chiropractic from ultrasounds, electrical stimulation, traction, diathermy, and x-ray. My favorite advancement in the last couple of years has come in digital x-ray because it allows us to diagnose patients easier and more accurately. The other new advancement is the Standing Upright MRI and its ability to show the stress to the disc while standing.

I am married with 3 children that keep us very active with their activities. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends…hanging out in our backyard. My family is very active in our Church and continue to grow in our faith. I also spend a lot of time hunting, fishing, traveling, and playing cards.

I receive most of my patients through “word of mouth” people telling other people about my services and our center. This I have found comes naturally from attaining trust from people from doing the best you can do. My father once taught me that you should treat people the way you would want to be treated and make decisions for others that you would make for your own loved ones. What I like to do when making decisions is to think what I would do if this patient was my son, daughter, wife, mother, father, etc. and then you can’t go wrong.

The types of patients seeking chiropractic care includes all ages from newborns with injuries from birthing trauma to 100 year olds with arthritic conditions as well as patients that are very sick and dying soon to those looking for care to improve their performance and/or prevent injury or maintain Health.

Influencing the lives of other people for the better forever and being there when they need you is “priceless”. I would hope that when you are making a choice in your healthcare provider that you would make me a part of your team to care for you and your entire family….THANKS FOR YOUR TRUST!

Dr. Jonathan Schneider

Dr. Jonathon SchneiderAfter having utilized both Medical and Chiropractic care for my sports injuries it became obvious to me that my chiropractor was more interested in helping me achieve my sporting goals. His comments included, “when do I have to have you better by” and “we will do whatever we need to get you back in the game.” While my MD said I should give up sports if I keep getting hurt. To me it was a difference in philosophy. One that wanted to help and one that wanted to take away. I always wanted to work with athletes utilizing sports medicine and in my experience chiropractic was the clear choice.My mother was a nurse and didn’t utilize chiropractic but when i started experiencing some low back pain in which my MD couldn’t help she agreed to sneak me to the chiropractor and after a series of treatments we were amazed at the results.

I attended undergrad at South Dakota State University where I played on a conference winning baseball teams. Upon graduation I attended Northwestern Health Sciences University, a chiropractic college, in Minneapolis, MN. I choose this school because of its philosophy of total health care. I was ready for the experience but was still surprised at how intense the material was and that it was just very similar to Medical School, except we didn't delve into to as much pharmacology. I was also surprised to find that the school was just like any other undergraduate school with intramural sports and a baseball program. It really helped to continue to have some of that extracurricular activity to keep my mind fresh.

My practicing philosophy has to do with the helping patients achieve their goals. I don’t try to focus so much on a patient’s pain but why they are in my office. A lot of times it has to do with an inability for that patient to do something. Whether it be work, sports, or just getting out to play cards with friends, usually patients have a need to get back to doing something that they currently can not do due to their pain levels. Our goal initially is to get rid of their pain and restore their function. There is a difference in that patient who just wants pain control and that ‘athletic’ patient who needs to be able to run, jump, and do things at a higher functionality. This doesn’t just represent athletic patients but those who have specific jobs who need to be able to get back and perform at a high level. Another type of care I provide is supportive care. This refers to that patient who may not have unbearable pain but wants to stay functioning and not have any specific problems. I see these patients about once a month or so to help them maintain their current level of capacity.

I have a wife, Ann and three children. Our kids are quite active and keep us on the move. Ann and I met at SDSU when she was on the softball team and I was on the baseball team. We used to lift and workout at the same time! I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and watching my kids's activities.

Thank you for your interest in chiropractic care. I am here to assist you in reaching your goals and get you on with your life!

Dr. Steven Clites

Dr. Steven ClitesWhen I started chiropractic school, I immediately took an interest in anatomy and embryology. Learning how the body developed and how the different parts functioned fascinated me. A friend of mine attended the Mayo Medical School at the same time and I found it interesting how similar the curriculum’s were. It made me more confident that I was receiving a high quality education that would help me provide a high quality of health care in the future. One instructor that I will always remember is Dr. Horns, an M.D. who taught our pathology courses. There wasn’t a question you could ask him that he couldn’t spend 20 minutes giving you an answer to. The amount of knowledge in his head was amazing. I will never forget how much he enjoyed answering any question a student asked him.My decision to pursue chiropractic came about gradually. I spent my first two and half years of college at SDSU pursuing a degree in electrical engineering. About two years into the curriculum I decided to explore other options. My father suggested I talk to a local chiropractor that was also a friend of the family. After spending some time talking with this Doctor I decided to switch majors and start taking my prerequisites for chiropractic school. I graduated with a BS in biology and went on to attend Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, Minnesota. Once I had to opportunity to begin treating patients, I could see the impact I could have on their health by utilizing the skills I was taught in school. This was when I knew I had made the right decision.

My goals are to provide the best treatment in a quick and effective manner that best fits the patient’s treatment goals. Once the patient’s goals are determined, an accurate diagnosis of the problem must be reached. I must determine if the patient’s problem is one I can help with. If the problem can be helped by chiropractic, my goal is to help the body function by correcting body’s mechanics (structure). If I can correct the structural problems that occur the body can then function optimally. Education regarding nutrition and physical activity can often help address a problem that goes beyond a simple mechanical problem. If a patient’s problem cannot be addressed by chiropractic, then I need to point them in a direction to where they can receive the proper care.

I grew up in Brookings and after high school attended SDSU, where I received my BS in biology. I was a member of the baseball team through my sophomore year. During my junior year of college I met my wife Jennifer while she was on Christmas break from the USD school of law. We have two children, Benjamin and Anya, and one dog named Coco. Ben is five and just started kindergarten this fall at Hillcrest Elementary. Anya is two and her switch is on “go” from morning to night. In my free time I enjoy relaxing at home with my wife and kids, golf, softball, and spending time with my large extended family in the Brookings area.

With two young children and both parents working it can be difficult to live a healthy lifestyle. My family gets adjusted every couple of weeks, or more if they are not feeling well. While we seem to be constantly going from one activity to another we still find the time to eat mostly home cooked meals. Most of the snacks our children eat consist of fruits and vegetables. We recently began juicing our own fruit and vegetable juice, which the kids enjoy making and drinking. The kids are involved in many activities to get their exercise including soccer, t-ball, gymnastics, ice-skating, tae kwon do, and swimming. When the weather allows, my wife and I enjoy going on walks around the neighborhood with the kids. I personally enjoy biking for my main method of exercise.

Whether you are injured, sick, or just looking look for that extra boost to you health, let us at Brookings Chiropractic Center help you. Our Doctors strive to provide an excellent standard of care and we hope you give us the opportunity earn your trust regarding your health care.

Thank you to Brookings Chiropractic Center for the opportunity to be a part of this great facility. I look forward to being a part of the team.

Dr. Trevor A Penning

dr-trevor.jpgI have always been interested in healthcare and knew it would be the best road for me to take early in life. I started looking into various professions and chiropractic appealed to me the most. Working construction in my high school years led me to value the basic structure of any house, while chiropractic led me to value the basic structure of the spine and the human body. My undergraduate course work started out at Mankato State University where I studied chemistry and biology, and exercise science. Needless to say, I ended up taking enough credits for several bachelor degrees. While at Mankato State, I had the opportunity to work at the largest chiropractic office in the area for 4 years with several great practitioners. This experience very much solidified why I wanted to become a doctor of chiropractic. I choose to attend Northwestern Health Science University for chiropractic school because of their solid foundation in the clinical sciences and diagnostic skills. It was also the closest to my family and friends in southern Minnesota and the family farm in Kiester, MN.

My goals for practice are very simple and straightforward. Most people are drawn to chiropractors because we specialize in pain management and relief. My primary goal is get you out of pain as quickly as possible so that you can resume your normal daily activities without discomfort. Corrective and rehabilitative care is always an option for you, which can decrease your chance for future aggravations of the same condition. My care is always patient centered and patient choice. I give honest and sincere advice and allow the patient to make the ultimate choice of care.

I grew up on a farm in a small southern Minnesota town. I met my wife, Brittany, at Mankato State and we have been married since May 2014. We are both Minnesota natives, so we created a South Dakota bucket list and enjoy spend time completing it. I very much enjoy going to the gym and playing basketball in my free time. We generally find ourselves relaxing with family and friends on the weekend. I enjoying working with all types of patients and especially with high school and college athletes.

In my own life, an active lifestyle and regular chiropractic adjustments, along with a good diet and exercise, help balance daily work and stress levels. I encourage you to consider Brookings Chiropractic Center (605-693-7222) as a resource of information and education to help achieve your health goals and maintain the most precious asset you will ever own – YOUR HEALTH.

Dr. Christina Yackley

Dr. Christina YackleyGrowing up, I knew the healthcare field was where I would find my future profession. Chiropractic first piqued my interest as a high school athlete. I was actually a patient here at Brookings Chiropractic Center! I sought care for a neck injury I obtained while playing volleyball. After just a few visits, I was back on my way. I then revisited chiropractic care during my college volleyball career. I was dealing with a lot of lower back issues. Through chiropractic, athletic training, and physical rehabilitation, I was able to heal and continue at my full potential. Upon graduating college early, I got an assistant job for Dr. Munsterman here at BCC. This gave me the opportunity to see the other side of chiropractic. That was how my choice was solidified! I was able to get a well-rounded opinion through being a patient and staff member. I got to see both sides of this lifestyle! I then knew chiropractic was my calling and that was how God wanted me to best serve my community.

I am a Brookings native. I take it with great pride to return to the community and give back. I grew up with sports being a huge focus second to my education. After graduating high school, I went to Mount Marty College in Yankton, SD. I played 4 seasons of volleyball in the GPAC. I graduated in three and a half years with honors, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise Wellness. I then took my education to Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN for graduate school. After another three and a half years, I graduated with honors with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and Acupuncture Certification.

Chiropractic, to me, is the promotion of health. Chiropractic adjustments help restore the body’s normal biomechanics, which reduces stress on the nervous system. The nervous system controls all that our body is capable of! Chiropractors recognize that physical, chemical, and emotional stresses contribute to disease. The goal is to eliminate as much stress as possible so your body can do what it was designed to do, heal itself. It’s my goal to look at the underlying issues, not just treat the surface symptoms. I love treating all patients. Some of my education and clinical experience was specialized towards pediatrics, women’s health, and sports-related injuries. Thorough histories, physical examinations, and diagnostic tools are relied on for a proper diagnosis and individualized treatment plan. I value the feedback my patients give me. It’s rewarding and beneficial to hear from you!

I married my college sweetheart, Spencer. He was a basketball player from Onida, SD. Spencer is an elementary school teacher and athletic coach. He enjoys molding the young minds of our future! In our free time, we love to be outside playing tennis, golfing, or biking. We spend most of our time with family and friends, and spoiling our dog, Zoey. Growing our faith is also important to us. We always enjoy a new movie and good food as well.

Being a returning team member to Brookings Chiropractic Center makes this opportunity so much more meaningful! I am so proud and grateful to be back. I look forward to serving you and your family. Thank you for your trust!

We’d love to meet you and answer your questions. Give us a call or send us an email today!

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