Interferential Current Therapy

Inferfenetial Current Therapy is an effective therapy method used to relieve pain and accelerate the self­-healing process. It is essentially a deeper form of electrical stimulation. To perform this method of treatment, electrodes are placed on the skin around the injured body part. An Interferential Current device is then used, which transmits electrical impulses in minute quantities throughout your skin. Underlying tissue and nerves become stimulated which begins the healing properties. Additionally, Interferential Current Therapy also assists in blood circulation and rushes recovery by stimulating endorphins.

Interferential Current Therapy is used to treat:

Circulatory and muscle disorders

- Stiff joints
- Joint injuries
- Edema
- Inflammation
- Muscle spasms

Advantages of Interferential Current Therapy include:

- Reducing or eliminating pain in a safe manner
- Noticeable decrease in swelling and inflammation
- Restoring lost movement and improving range­-of­-motion
- Stimulating the natural hormones which can help the body heal faster

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