I am originally from Huron, SD and I attended South Dakota State University where I played on a conference winning baseball teams. Upon graduation I attended Northwestern Health Sciences University, a chiropractic college, in Minneapolis, MN. I choose this school because of its philosophy of total health care.

My practicing philosophy has to do with the helping patients achieve their goals. A lot of times it has to do with an inability for that patient to do something. Whether it be work, sports, or just getting out to play cards with friends, usually patients have a need to get back to doing something that they currently can not do due to their pain levels. Our goal initially is to get rid of their pain and restore their function. There is a difference in that patient who just wants pain control and that ‘athletic’ patient who needs to be able to run, jump, and do things at a higher functionality. This doesn’t just represent athletic patients but those who have specific jobs who need to be able to get back and perform at a high level. Another type of care I provide is supportive care. This refers to that patient who may not have unbearable pain but wants to stay functioning and not have any specific problems. I see these patients about once a month or so to help them maintain their current level of capacity.

I have a wife, Ann and three children. Our kids are quite active and keep us on the move. Ann and I met at SDSU when she was on the softball team and I was on the baseball team. I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and watching my kids’s activities. Thank you for your interest in chiropractic care. I am here to assist you in reaching your goals and get you on with your life!